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Wrapping Up Our First Year at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics


With the end of the year and holiday season approaching, there is plenty to look forward to. However, as our first year in business comes to a close, everyone here at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics has much to look back on fondly. Our first year has been wild and unpredictable for many reasons, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Allow us a moment to reflect on some of the things that we are most proud of.

First and foremost, it has been an incredible honor to meet and treat so many wonderful patients. The Gwinnett community has been incredibly hospitable to us and we are so grateful for all the love and support we have received. We have made it our top priority since day one to not only provide outstanding and long-lasting cosmetic results, but to create a soothing and welcoming environment where our patients can feel truly cared for.

Over the last year, we have made some fantastic additions to our practice. This includes bolstering our team of experienced estheticians, nurse practitioners, cosmetic injectors, and more. The diverse, extensive skill set of our cosmetic professionals ensures that each treatment we perform in our office is done in a professional manner while promoting the best long-term results for our patients. Over the last year we also introduced some exciting new offerings into our selection of cosmetic treatments including muscle toning, our Amnio Growth Factor Treatment, and injectables like Restylane™ Kysse.

We were thrilled to be able to host a series of events at our practice, including our recent One Year Anniversary Celebration. Events here at MadEmEl offer us the opportunity to get better acquainted with our patients in a more social setting while providing a unique showcase for our award-winning cosmetic treatments and services. For anyone who missed out on the events at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics this year, there will be plenty more to look forward to in 2021 and beyond.

Despite some obviously challenging circumstances, we are so proud to have become one of the Atlanta area’s leading providers of cosmetic treatments and skin care products. We look forward to many more years ahead and can’t wait to see what 2021 will have in store. For more information on the treatments we perform or to request a complimentary cosmetic consultation appointment please contact MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics today. And follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram for additional tips, cosmetic specials, news, and much more.


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