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A young woman receiving laser treatment

M22 IPL Treatment

  • Sometimes known as a “photofacial” IPL treatments use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat a skin discoloration and other pigmentation issues.
  • IPL treatments work by using multiple wavelengths of light energy to target a certain color or pigment found in the skin. Once the skin is safely heated, the body is able to naturally eliminate unwanted cells that cause the appearance of discoloration or other blemishes.
  • IPL is able to effectively treat the appearance of age spots, port wine stains, rosacea, acne scarring, spider veins, and more.
  • No downtime for recovery is required, but patients may experience temporary redness and a sensation similar to a sunburn for 4-6 hours after treatment. Some patients may experience mild, temporary bruising and swelling in the treatment area.
We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced staff who can customize a treatment plan for any skin type. Experience ranges from Assistant Laser Practitioner to Senior Laser Practitioner. Call today to book your consultation!
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