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Dermaplane service

Dermaplaning Treatments

We perform Dermaplaning treatments to help our patients improve the appearance of the surface layer of their skin. Dermaplaning at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics can help smooth the surface of the skin by removing vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz). Like SkinPen Microneedling, Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment that is safe for every skin type and tone and does not require any downtime. Dermaplaning pairs well with light chemical exfoliation to provide patients with healthy, glowing skin.

How Dermaplaning Works

Dermaplaning treatments are performed with a sterile blade device (similar to shaving) that is able to help patients safely achieve smooth, radiant skin. We then gently graze the skin to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs that trap oil and dirt.

By effectively removing the top layer of dead skin cells,

dermaplaning helps diminish the look of fine lines while improving skin tone and texture. This process also provides deeper product penetration and your makeup will have a smoother appearance.

Dermaplane service

Dermaplaning FAQs

Dermaplaning can help people who experience a wide variety of issues including unwanted facial hair, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and more. It is safe and effective for all skin types.
This varies from patient to patient. We typically recommended this treatment be performed monthly, or whenever hair growth becomes noticeable (anywhere from every 2 – 6 weeks).
No, this is a myth. Dermaplaning removes vellus hair, not terminal hair which is thicker and darker. During the treatment, we make sure to cut the vellus hair at an angle to ensure that it maintains the same size and shape and will not grow back thicker or darker.
If you have further questions about Dermaplaning or to request a treatment today, please contact MadEmEL Medical Aesthetics for a complimentary consultation.
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