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4 Things To Know Before Beginning Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Excess, unwanted body hair is incredibly common, which is part of the reason that laser hair removal treatments are so consistently in-demand. We have helped countless men and women improve their appearance and self-esteem by removing unwanted hair from areas all over the face and body. To help prospective patients better understand this outstanding cosmetic treatment, we wanted to discuss a few basic things to know before laser hair removal.

Risk of Complications Is Incredibly Minimal

When performed by our licensed laser technicians, laser hair removal is a very safe procedure. Laser hair removal side effects or complications are exceedingly rare. Some patients may experience mild skin irritation or redness following their treatment, but this typically subsides within a few hours. A test spot is always an option if the patient or provider feels it is necessary.

More Than One Treatment Will Be Required

While it’s true that some patients will be able to achieve the level of hair removal that they desire in just a few treatment sessions, this should not be expected. This is because hair follicles grow in different cycles throughout the year. Depending on the thickness and color of hair in the treatment area(s), between 4-6 treatments may be required. Although rare, some people may require more treatments. In some cases, the treatment may not be effective for patients with blond or gray hair.

At-Home Alternatives Are Not True Laser Hair Removal

Like many cosmetic treatments, at-home laser hair removal does exist in some forms. However, we would strongly advise against it. These devices will not be able to provide the results that professional laser hair removal can. Additionally, since the FDA considers these home laser hair removal devices to be cosmetic (not medical), they do not receive the level of scrutiny that medical-grade laser hair removal devices do and can pose potentially serious risks to your skin.

The Fall Season Is a Great Time To Start Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is always a great option, but we believe the fall season can be the ideal time to begin treatment sessions. Since it is important to avoid direct sunlight in the weeks before and following a laser treatment, the shorter, chiller days of the fall season make this easier to accomplish. Additionally, beginning laser hair removal in the fall can make sure that the preferred long-term result is achieved well in advance of next spring and summer.

Undergoing laser hair removal at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics can be the path to smooth, hairless skin that lasts. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the treatment after reading this, we advise you to come to visit our office for a cosmetic consultation appointment. For more information on laser hair removal or to request a consultation appointment, contact MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics today or visit us at our Lawrenceville med spa location. And follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram for additional tips, cosmetic specials, news, and much more.


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