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Autumn Is a Great Time to Begin Your Laser Treatments


There is no such thing as a bad time to improve your appearance with a cosmetic treatment. Aesthetic improvement can be a year-round pursuit, but certain seasons can provide their own unique benefits. Our cosmetic experts are here to explain one such scenario involving cosmetic laser treatments.

Here at MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics, we perform a wide variety of cosmetic laser treatments intended to help address many of the most common aesthetic concerns. This includes visible signs of aging like wrinkles and lines, skin discoloration, rosacea, acne scarring, unsightly veins, hyperpigmentation, and more. And while these treatments are safe to undergo all year, the fall season offers a few added benefits for your laser treatment regimen.

Regardless of the type of laser treatment, it’s essential for patients to take care of the skin on the treated area in order to promote the best and longest-lasting results possible. The shorter, chiller days of the fall season make this easier to accomplish, as direct sunlight should be avoided in the weeks immediately following a laser treatment. For patients interested in laser hair removal, beginning a series in the fall can ensure smooth, hairless skin well in time for next spring and summer.

Our licensed aestheticians have considerable experience performing cosmetic laser treatments on patients of all skin types and tones. Our top-of-the-line laser treatments from Lumenis like the AcuPulse™ CO2 Laser and ResurFX™ are approved and/or cleared by the FDA to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

When in the hands of our experienced laser professionals, cosmetic laser treatments can have a significant effect on a person’s appearance and self-confidence. For more information on the laser treatments we perform or to request a complimentary cosmetic consultation appointment contact MadEmEl Medical Aesthetics today. And follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram for additional tips, cosmetic specials, news, and details on our upcoming events.


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